Action Item #1 – Starting a Youtube Channel

Action Item #1 – Starting a Youtube Channel

So, last Friday, I told you all how inspired I was by my mom’s thirst for new technology, and I challenged you all to stay ahead of the curve by implementing one new action item in the next month.  And now, I’m excited to share with you all my action item for the next 30 days – finally starting up the Common Sense Marketing Youtube channel!

I’ve known for a long time that Youtube is a great way to reach out and connect with people, but it’s always been one of those “When I have spare time…” things.  Unfortunately, I’m starting to realize that that time is never going to magically materialize, so screw it – I’m going forward with my videos no matter what!  🙂

If you want to support me and the Common Sense Marketing site (and I really hope you do!), be sure to watch my first videa: 5 Tips for Outsourcing Effectively with Fiverr.

You can also subscribe to the Common Sense Marketing channel here so that you’re notified of new videos as soon as they’re posted!

And stay tuned – as part of my commitment to trying new things and building this channel, I’m planning to post new videos every 1-2 weeks.  I’m always open to topic suggestions, so if there’s anything you’d like me to do a video on, please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks for watching!

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23 Responses to Action Item #1 – Starting a Youtube Channel

  1. Stacy says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Congratulations on your youtube channel! I created one a few months ago but I have only put one video on there. I really need to get on the ball because I know what a great resource it is!


  2. Hi Sarah! Congratulations on creating your YouTube channel!!

    I just got started with video myself and have a video channel there as well. I put it off for a long time, but finally decided to just get started and worry about getting the hang of it later.

    • Sarah says:

      Jeanine – Thanks for stopping by!

      I think you’re right – we just need to get out there, starting doing it and trust that the details will work themselves out later 🙂

  3. Sarah, aloha. Great video–especially for your first one. You will be filling up your channel in no time. You have a wonderful speaking voice.

    One suggestion I have is to break it up into multiple videos. According to statistics, people don’t like to watch long videos. Even though this is only 8 minutes, it is still long.

    You could do a video on how you could & why you would want to use Fiverr for outsourcing.

    Then, for each of your tips, you could do a separate video. Each of those videos would then be less than two minutes, you would have it searchable as “Using Fiverr for Bookmarking” or “Using Fiverr for Backlinks” or _____.

    That would give you more “instant” videos on your channel, give more for the search engines to find and make it easier for people to find the specific instructions they need.

    Look forward to watching your progress, Sarah. Aloha. Janet

    • Sarah says:

      Janet – Thanks so much for the helpful feedback!

      I think you’re right that shorter videos are going to be the way to go in the future, and I like your idea of breaking up the specific topics on Fiverr.

      Re-watching the video, I think I also need to make an effort to say “Uhhh” and “Kind of” less often, but that’s probably just me being overly critical… 🙂

      Thanks again!!!

  4. Devesh says:


    Great video and congratulations on your youtube channel.

    Some great tips you’re sharing, here and fiverr is one of the best site for outsourcing almost everything.

  5. Hi Sarah!

    Congratulations and way to take action! I’m excited for you and thrilled that you’re stepping into new areas in your business.

    I love your tutorial of fiverr and found it very helpful!

    Great job!

  6. Tisha says:

    Ahh..You beat me to it Sarah. 🙂 I have a Youtube channel but I haven’t made a vlog yet.

    I’m am going to check out your video right now and send you a friend request.


  7. Hi Sarah,

    congratulations to creating your YouTube channel. I am subscribing to it and added you as a friend. Well, and you definitely started with a great tutorial about Fiverr, well done. Keep it up !

    Take care


  8. Josh Garcia says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Congrats on taking a step to generate more traffic. Now, look forward to great videos. 🙂

    Have a great day…

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  10. Randy says:

    Great blog! And this is the first time I heard of fiverr, man that site is cool! Great job on the youtube channel as well.


  11. Randy says:

    This may be a dumb question, but how do you get your photo to show up on the blog pages?

    • Sarah says:

      Randy – Definitely not a dumb question 🙂

      Go to and upload a picture there. Then, whenever you comment on most blogs using the email address associated with that picture, it’ll show up next to your comments.

  12. Randy says:

    Thank you very much! All set up.

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