Action Item #2 – “25 Steps to Awesome Marketing”

Action Item #2 – “25 Steps to Awesome Marketing”

I guess you can call me an overachiever, but last week, when I set the challenge to myself to implement one new action item, I couldn’t decide between two ideas that have been kicking around my mind for awhile. The first was the Youtube channel I told you about on Monday, and the second was the long neglected Common Sense Marketing email newsletter.

So I figured, why not do both?!

Back when I was first starting out here, I decided to do a live newsletter every Friday that would include good informative content, plus links back to the week’s posts on Common Sense Marketing.  Of course, the obvious problem there was that if my schedule got at all out of hand (which is a pretty common occurrence when you work a day job and run a business at the same time!), the newsletter got pushed to the back burner.

So after a lot of thinking about this problem, I’ve decided to move to a set autoresponder series – one that will ensure  you receive good content every week, no matter what my schedule is like.  But it won’t just be any old autoresponder series – get ready for the complete “25 Steps to Awesome Marketing“!

Here’s what’s involved:

*25 weeks of content.  The newsletter series lasts a full 25 weeks and covers every single thing you need to know to become an awesome marketer.  We’ll be talking about everything from internet business creation to mindset and motivation to strategies that’ll take your earnings to the next level – you won’t want to miss it!

*Absolutely no promotions!  The “25 Steps to Awesome Marketing” series is 100% informative and contains no promotions or affiliate links.  It’s all content, all the time.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?!  By now, you should be wondering how you can get your hands on this info.  Well, if you’ve already signed up for the Common Sense Marketing email newsletter, you’re in luck – you’ll begin receiving the “25 Steps to Awesome Marketing” series automatically in the next few days.

If you aren’t on my email list, you’re going to want to sign up right away to start receiving the series right away.  Simply sign up below and you’re in!

Hope to see you on the newsletter!

(PS – Thanks for putting up with all the announcement posts lately.  I’ll be back with your regularly scheduled informative content on Friday, with a post on the best way to use blog commenting to jump start your website promotions!)

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