Back on Track! Week 6 CMC Results

Wow – I am so happy to report to you that the slump we all seem to have hit last week has passed, and we’re all back to our happy, productive selves 🙂

In our webinar this week, we focused on advanced promotional techniques for websites, including things like video marketing, podcasting and a few other random topics.  I have to admit, it was something of a learning week for me as well, as these are methods that I haven’t delved into as deeply as Jon has.  His guidance on these topics was greatly appreciated, for sure!

Here’s what we’ve been up to…


Sarah Russell – I spent the week adding more content to my website (thanks, PLR!) and finally implementing some of the promotional strategies we’ve covered in the last two weeks.  Check out my video for more thoughts on how to spin content ethically to maximize your time investment when it comes to writing articles!

Ben Donahower – Ben is starting to see some web traffic, and based on the amount of work he finished this past week, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he starts ranking for his target keyword and seeing even more.  For more on what he’s been up to, check out his update!

Jon Alford – It was a busy week for Jon as well, as he finally finished his “About” page (dude – we did that, like, three weeks ago! 🙂 ) and started cranking out the content.  I’m definitely excited to his results with WPZon builder, as I do a lot of work with Amazon Associates myself and am always looking for ways to improve my workflows.  Thanks Jon for the informative update!

Dan McConnell – Dan has been dealing with some technical issues this week (always a headache for website owners!), but he’s still on track with his backlinking efforts.  Click in to read more!


One other exciting update for those of you who had been following the progress from my first case study…

On Friday, as I was delving deeper into the blogs and forums in the scrapbooking niche, it started to become obvious to me that this niche in particular is one where experience is hard to fake.  Yeah – I can go out and learn basic scrapbooking techniques and terminology, but I’m afraid that the fact that I’m not active in the niche is becoming more and more apparent and could hurt my progress with sites in this field.

So, on a whim, I listed the minisite from my first case study for sale on Flippa.  Because the site had been averaging about $30/month for the last few months, I expected to sell it for $120-$240, based on my past experiences flipping websites.  Imagine my surprise when it sold in 49 minutes, for $297!  Again, it’s not exactly making me rich, but that $297 will come in handy this week, as I’m planning to finally join the 21st century and get an iPhone 🙂

Thanks to all of you that followed that story from beginning to end.  I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be able to see it eventually hit #1 on Google, but I also know that I wouldn’t have been investing a lot of time in it – making it worth it for me to take the money and run.

Any questions about this week’s updates or my site flipping adventures, ask them below!

5 Responses to Back on Track! Week 6 CMC Results

  1. Jon says:

    Congrats on the sale of your other project, Sarah! That’s a great accomplishment and a complete cycle from product inception through sale. The experience you’ve gained is highly valuable.

    Think you’ll use Flippa again soon?

    It was a productive week for us all. Enjoy your iPhone 🙂


    • Sarah says:

      Jon – Heck yeah, I’ll be using Flippa again 🙂 I’ve been buying and selling websites for years, and it’s one of my favorite parts of the business.

      I’ll probably put together some posts on that at some point…

  2. Wow! Awesome job on selling your website. That’s 10 month’s gross earnings. Well done!

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks! 10 months earnings was unexpected, as I usually see 4-8 times monthly revenue – so I’m pretty excited 🙂

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