Being Good Marketers – Week 7 CMC Results

Being Good Marketers – Week 7 CMC Results

This week, the CMC participants talked about ongoing webmaster tasks including things like testing, tracking, analtyics and optimization (what a great list of buzzwords!).

I’ve already told you how important I think testing is for improving your website’s conversion percentage, but the other topics aren’t ones I’ve discussed much on Common Sense Marketing.

In brief, tracking is just as important – there’s a reason Peter Drucker’s quote, “What gets measured, gets managed” has stuck around for so long.  But it’s not enough to just measure or track indiscriminately.  You need to be sure you’re tracking variables that actually matter to your website and your objectives, and acting on the results that you find.

Now, the metrics that matter to your website might be different from the ones that matter to you.  For example, I like to track things like unique visitors, time on site and email subscribers, but you might be more interested in tracking numbers of ad clicks, Facebook fans or other specific actions that relate to your business model.  The key is to identify the metrics that help grow your business and ignore the ones that don’t.

Once you’ve got these metrics identified, you need a good way to track them.  Google Analytics is the obvious choice, but I’ve recently been experimenting with GetClicky at the recommendation of a number of different people and I’m totally in love with it.  It’s free to use on your first site, and once you install it, you have access to real-time analytics that show you how people interact with your site.  The information is fascinating – check it out now at

Anyways, these are obviously topics that would take several posts for me to really get into, so instead, I’m going to let our individual update posts speak for themselves…


Sarah Russell – I’m starting to see some good rankings for my site, and the traffic is starting to follow.  Read more to find out what I did this past week, and what I’m implementing when it comes to testing, tracking and analytics!

Jon Alford – Jon is taking some of the Fiverr stuff that I talked about last week to the extreme!  I’m so excited to hear how this strategy turns out for him, as it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately.  You won’t want to miss his update!

Ben Donahower – Ben has been kicking ass this past week, and he’s got a lot of great insight into the ongoing work that’s required for affiliate marketers in his update.  It’s great to see all of his hard work paying off!

Dan McConnell – Dan’s been experiencing what’s frequently referred to as “the Google Dance” (which sounds way more fun that it is), but he has seen some significant gains in his site’s ranking.  Keep up the great work, Dan!


Any questions on the topics of ongoing testing, tracking and/or analytics?  Feel free to ask them below!

Image: Ed Yourdon

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  1. Jon says:

    Another great week and informative discussions going on in the forum. I’m interested in seeing what we all wind up doing with these projects.

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