Ben Donahower – 3/26 CMC Update

This last week has been extremely busy for me, but I was still able to get a lot of content up on my niche site. Essentially, I chose what I was going to be writing about based on four factors:

* Commercial intent and monetization strategy
* Search volume
* Competition
* Time to completion

Ideally, such as with the wine supplies pages, there is a high commercial intent for what I’m writing about. If not, wine recipes, there at least is a monetization strategy although I have yet to implement it. I will be promoting a clickbank or physical book along with the individual recipes.

Since I was particularly thorough in the keyword research portion of the challenge, I knew there were certain topics related to homemade wine that were popular such as wine recipes and wine supplies. Once I had a more general topics with decent search volume like wine recipes, I searched for that term in the Google Adwords > Find Keywords tool. The tool populated a number of more specific terms such as “blackberry wine recipe” and others. While it isn’t a great indication of competition, I was using the competition results as a rough guide as to whether I would get traction with any of those specific keywords in search.

With my schedule this last week, I was really pressed for time. Fortunately, I got a head start last week on some the obligatory pages: about, contact, privacy, and terms of service. I also had put up some content to the actual process of making wine at home. I spent more time fleshing out the supplies and recipes than other categories because it was quick and easy to write content.

Where I need to spend more time is fleshing out the wine making kits themselves. I have a generic page that links to my affiliate based on five factors a visitor might be interested in such as red or white and whether they are interested in free shipping or not but I have only started creating separate pages based on brand and other factors.

I’m excited that I have gotten a few hits from search already but hope now that we are moving into the marketing phase of the challenge that those numbers will increase and I will start converting some visitors into buyers.

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