Ben Donahower – 4/16 CMC Update

Week six revolved around podcasting and using video to market niche sites. My biggest impediment to moving forward with these tactics is lack of proper equipment. With that said, my Droid X does record video and audio.

I’ve had much more success with the latter since there isn’t a front facing camera on the Droid like there is with the iPhone. Oh well! I’ve recorded a half dozen podcasts for my niche site but haven’t pulled together the infrastructure such as creating a category on the site, uploading, and publishing the podcasts.

While my success with this executing this weeks tactics is mixed, I have been getting into a rhythm with some of the other tactics that we’ve discussed over the last several week. I’ve been keeping up on commenting on blogs, posting to articles, and otherwise.

In addition, Sarah has talked about Build My Rank on several articles, so I thought that I would give them a try. They have a free trial that I have been taking advantage of and will be monitoring whether it makes a different and whether the return on investment is there to continue to use the service after the free trial runs out.

All in all I’ve gotten twenty hits from search and between the commenting, article marketing, and twitter efforts I’ve gotten from referral traffic as well. Today, I’m up to fourteen unique visitors. Honestly, I don’t know enough about this process to say whether that’s good or bad, but I feel good about it considering that I’ve only recently broke into double digits.

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  2. Jon says:

    Hi Ben,

    Good job and congrats on the podcasts. That’s a big step that many people don’t take with their main sites (let alone an affiliate site).

    You can always work with the Droid for now to get the bugs out of your game. Upgrade to the proper equipment when you’re ready and have experience. It doesn’t have to be a race, just provide value.

    See you around…


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