Ben Donahower – 4/2 CMC Update

Ben Donahower – 4/2 CMC Update

This week, I spent a little bit of time thinking about how I could structure commenting on relevant blogs and posting on forums without going insane.

Essentially, I wanted to be alerted when new, relevant content was published on the internet without my intervention and keep this separate from my personal Google reader. My solution was a Chrome extension called RSS Live Links.

My first step, however, was to identify relevant material to comment on. This was the simple part. All I did was search for my keywords in Google blog, discussion, and real time search. Unfortunately, real time search doesn’t seem to have a feed associated with it so that was a wash but I was able to pick out blogs and forums in my niche through the other searches.

RSS Live Links has a feature that detects all of the feeds available in the tabs that you have open, so I was able to quickly add them to the reader. With that said, subsequent attempts to add blogs and forums have been hit or miss, so you might need to right mouse click on the icon, choose options, and add them in the options menu. Be sure to save your changes.

When one of these blogs or forums that I’ve added adds content, the icon will shake, include the number of new posts that I have yet to read, and emit an audio notification whenever I have my Chrome browser open. If any one of those doesn’t work for you, you can change them in the options menu. If you have multiple sites, you can organize your feeds into appropriate folders.

The other piece to my strategy includes ensuring that I’m posting on quality material. I open MozBar when I am checking out content from the RSS Live Links reader, so that I know that I’m commenting on a site that published quality material.

This is a far cry from how I was tackling comment marketing in the beginner of the week. Getting notifications passively and using MozBar to filter out spammy sites has significantly reduced the time that it takes to digest and comment substantively on many posts throughout the day.

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