Ben Donahower – 4/9 CMC Update

I’m finding that one of the most difficult aspects of niche sites is consistency. Sarah talked about this from the perspective of being under the weather the other week but it also applies to making this work within a busy person’s life. It’s just a guess but I bet people who get into niche sites are self selected busy people.

With that said, I did get to some of this week’s work on my wine making kit site.

Web 2.0 link building

I opened accounts with social bookmarking sites and have started adding the pages that I have already created to them along with some other relevant content from other websites and blogs.


I have started using Twitter for this site. At this point, I’ve been using the who to follow find relevant people on Twitter and posting every other day. I know I should be more aggressive in finding more followers and on posting more frequently. In fact, I participated in an interested webinar with Dan Zarella by Hubspot about the science of timing. In it, he noted that you can post on Twitter basically every hour without getting unfollowed by any greater percentage of people, for all intents and purposes, if you only posted once a day.

I haven’t started a Facebook page yet but I have played around with the design piece of the page and hope to that moving this coming week.

Article marketing

I’ve got drafts of a handful of articles done but I do need to edit them before I pull the trigger and put them on quality article directories. This is definitely one of the more time consuming marketing tactics, but despite Google’s farmer update I think this is still a valuable marketing technique it is just more important to be creating articles that actually provide value.

I’m going to try out a tactic that I got from Pat Flynn’s email listserv suggesting that you make the resource box an extension of the article itself. In this way, you would increase the number of people who get to your link in the resource box if it is incorporated into the content itself.


Personally, I feel like my progress this week is mixed. I have been keeping up with the comment marketing. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this has driven some early traffic to my site and even a prospective sale from a blogger who emailed me following a comment.

On the other hand, I would have liked to have completed more articles and activated a Facebook page.

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  1. So I got my butt in gear and I got three articles written. I have two complete rewrites on the one and one complete rewrite on another.

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