How to Find Good Blog Commenting Sites

How to Find Good Blog Commenting Sites

Last week, I shared with you why I love blog commenting as a beginning method for generating free traffic to new affiliate niche sites. However, the one thing I don’t feel I covered adequately is the subject of where to find these great blogs to leave comments on (at least, I don’t think I answered that question well enough according to the number of emailsย I receivedย asking how to find good commenting blogs in the first place!).

In that article, I talked about leaving comments on sites that are already in your RSS reader, but what if you’re building an affiliate niche site in a niche where you aren’t personally active? What if you’re starting fresh in a totally new niche and you don’t know which sites are worthwhile for commenting, and which ones will be a waste of your time?

To answer this question, I put together a new Youtube video, titled – “3 Ways to Find Blog Commenting Sites.”ย  You can watch it below, or check it out on my Youtube channel, where I hope you’ll take the time to subscribe to my channel or give the video a “thumbs up”.

Thanks for watching – hope you find the video helpful!

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  1. Marlee says:

    Hey Sara!
    Yay! A video! I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m headed over to that now. I’m very interested in seeing what you share here. Personally, I haven’t found comments to be a great source of traffic so I’m hoping you can show me something new. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sarah says:

      Marlee – I think that finding the right sites is a big part of. In the video, I talk about things like PageRank, dofollow, etc, but I think it’s also important to find a site and an audience that responds to you and your content. I do a lot of blog commenting, but I definitely see an 80/20 thing going on with the blogs I get the mist traffic from.

      Hope you enjoyed the video!

  2. Kevin Kimes says:

    I definitely need more blogs to comment on. I have several in a list already, but more comments means more traffic. So this is a great post for me right now!

    I don’t even remember where I found this one… ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s great!

    • Sarah says:

      Kevin – Thanks so much! I hope you’re able to use the tips in the video to some good commenting sites – it’s definitely a good way to get traffic!

      Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kevin Kimes says:

    The video is great, except: The volume on it seems very low. I can barely hear you with my youtube and speaker volumes both at max.

    At some points I can’t hear you at all, just a hint of the Ss and Ts.

    I was able to figure out what’s going by the visual content, though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sarah says:

      Yikes – Thanks for the feedback! It sounds okay on my computer, but I’ll have to try some different settings on my next video.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Great post and video Sarah, so nice to hear your voice. I’ll be sure to check out your channel as well and maybe we can connect there too.

    Thanks for sharing how to find blogs to comment on. I’ve used some of these methods as well in the past. Oh, and they work.


    • Sarah says:

      Adrienne – I didn’t realize you were on YouTube! What’s your channel name?

      And glad to hear you’re seeing good results with commenting as well. I see you out and about at other blogs, so I’m glad it’s paying off for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jon says:


    More quality instruction as we’ve come to expect. I heard your voice clearly, just fyi (based on another comment here).

    What some folks might overlook is commenting (for value add) can be powerful if you focus on building deep instead of wide.

    Unless you’re peppering the web for backlinks to an affiliate site, just focus on a few bigger sites (quality over quantity) to start. Continue to show up at the same places and develop relationships from there.

    If you have time, quantity can help. But focus on a few first to get a handle on this.

    Just my $0.02…


    • Sarah says:

      Jon – Definitely good advice, if for no other reason than how overwhelming blog commenting can be at first. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, but you don’t have to comment on all of them right away.

      Find the few that fit best with your business model and expand your commenting site list as you learn about new sites (frequently through other serial commenters). You’re right – it’s about the connections you make, and those are best achieved by starting small and providing an individual focus on each site.

  6. Pros says:

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  7. web hosting says:

    hiee sara,

    I can greatly say that the video really helped a lot to known the best commenting sites. including myself i have learnt much much and very thankful to you.The video you posted clarified many of my doubts.

  8. Calvin Mac says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I enjoyed your site. It’s very aesthetically pleasing. The video was insightful as well. One of the key things I’ve learned about driving traffic is the gravitas of your site. Anyways, thanks for the video!


  9. Karen says:

    Wow, I was trying to find information on the best blogs to comment on and found this article – great timing.

    I’m only just starting out with blogging but have been writing content for others for around three years now.

    It’s time to move on and use my articles etc, for my own projects.

    I’ll be back – as the saying goes.



    • Sarah says:

      Karen – Definitely! Like you, I started mostly freelance writing for other people’s websites, although I’ve always dabbled with other online business models.

      I hope you find success going out on your own as well!

      Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I appreciate your post and its obviously helpful for everyone..It could really help those tips for me specially in good commenting sites.Great post and video.Thanks for sharing this one.

  11. WisdomJobs says:

    Awesome n informative blog…I enjoyed reading it.

  12. This is really a good Post.Thank you for your information

  13. Ant says:

    This is a brilliant little video and no i didn’t search for your blog, came across it randomly. Nice videos and keep up the great work.

  14. flexussn says:

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    This blog is very use full for me.

  15. Sylviane says:

    This is a great video with some MUST known ways to find good Dofollow blogs. Another way to find good blogs to comment on is browsing the comments of other marketers on good blogs such as yours ๐Ÿ™‚

    I found you, Sarah, on someone else blog.

  16. Sarah, this method is still working? Although Panda updating?

    • Sarah says:

      Definitely! Blog commenting is still effective after the Panda update, although it’s still best to focus on providing useful, good quality comments on relevant sites. Spam comments or auto-bot generated comments could definitely be a risk in future updates, though.

  17. Sharon says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m also taking part in the MDBP which is how I found your blog. Your content is great and this post is particularly useful as this is my first blog project and I’m struggling to find suitable and useful blogs to comment on.

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks so much, Sharon – glad to see you over here! I’m surprised to hear that you’re having trouble finding blogs, as it looks like you’ve got a lot of different avenues to pursue with your site (diet/weight loss/fitness blogs in general, as well as more specialized niches like gluten-free, etc).

      If you’re still having trouble after trying some of the tips in this article, let me know – I’d be happy to help get you started!

  18. DavidMicheal says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Am happy coming in contact with your blog today, am still new in this whole system of affiliate marketing, Going through your post gave me a lot of encouragement about blog commenting and how i can get good blogs to comment on. The video is not opening on my computer system, is there a way i can get a link to download it as a free copy so that i can start applying it on my blog. please i will appreciate if you will help me out.


    • Sarah says:

      Glad you found the post helpful! The video should be available on my Youtube channel (linked to in the post above), but as of now, I don’t plan to make the videos available for download.

  19. Sheila says:

    This is so useful, it’s something I really hadn’t thought of! Thanks, as always, for your great ideas. I had volume problems too, by the way.

  20. You’re video really helped me a lot! I wasn’t expecting that this would cause a big impact on my business! Thanks a lot Sarah.

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