Case Study 1 – 1/22/2011 Update

Case Study 1 – 1/22/2011 Update

UPDATE 3/21/2012 – As of March 19th, 2012, Build My Rank’s network has been deindexed by Google, resulting in the service being suspended indefinitely.  I will keep you posted if/when the service reopens for operation.


Hey everyone!  Just wanted to share  a quick update on the case study I’m running right now.  If you’re just tuning in, I’m currently testing to see if it’s as effective at getting affiliate niche sites ranked as Linkvana (which I’ve used before and loved, but is really freaking expensive).  Last week, I posted details about what exactly I’m testing and how I’m doing it, so if you haven’t read through there yet, read this post first:

Case Study 1 – Background Info

Anyways, let’s get down to it!


Over the past week, I’ve taken advantage of BuildMyRank’s free 15-day, 10 link trial just to get my feet wet with the service.  When I wrote my last post on this case study, I had just finished setting up my account, which turned out to be a pretty easy process.  Once everything was approved (about a few hours time), I was able to start loading my first set of posts into BMR’s dashboard.

Although I initially said I wanted to post 3-5 links a day to my site, I decided to start out with just 1-3 during the free trial period.  In part, I did this because I haven’t done a lot of link building to the site in the past, so I want to build things up slowly to avoid being tagged for link spam in the eyes of the search engines.  I also wanted to use up as much of the trial period time as I could, to be able to evaluate that separately from the regular monthly membership.

So last Saturday, I posted my first batch of articles to BuildMyRank.  I wrote seven separate articles, three of which contained two links and four that had only one link a piece.  I loaded them all into the dashboard – a very easy process – and then waited for them to be approved by BMR’s editors.  For most of the articles, approval took about a day.  Once the articles were approved, they began automatically posting at the rate I specified within the project (1-3 posts per day).

One of my favorite features of BuildMyRank so far is that the system checks to see if your posts have been indexed by the search engines and reports this back to you on the dashboard.  If they haven’t been indexed within a certain amount of time, BMR throws more backlinks at the post to boost its chances of getting noticed.  As of right now, six of my seven posts have been indexed, and I’m confident the last one will be picked up soon as well.

The following are a few screenshots from the BuildMyRank dashboard to give you a feel for the reporting tools available to you within the system and to show you how my case study is shaping up:

So far, I’ve focused most of my links on the main keyword I’m targeting in this case study, but I’ve also included a few to the keyword that my domain is based on and a related keyword that I’m targeting for LSI purposes.

BuildMyRank Page Ranks

Here you can see that most of my posts have gone to sites with a Google PageRank of 2 or 3, although I did get one link from a PR4 web page.

Within the dashboard, I can determine which specific sites my links are posted on, and so far, the niche targeting doesn’t look too bad.  This was one of my biggest concerns with BuildMyRank, as Linkvana does a pretty great job of placing posts on highly relevant pages.  (Remember, you want your posts to appear on pages that are as relevant to your niche as possible in order to get the biggest SEO benefit.)  Obviously, how relevant your site matches are depends on the size of the company’s network, so as the new kid on the block, I was concerned that BMR wouldn’t be able to compare with Linkvana.

So far, most of my posts have appeared on general “home” type blogs.  I wasn’t expecting that they’d have a blog specific to my niche (which is pretty small, all things considered), so the results are consistent with what I imagined.  One post appeared on a blog with “biotech” in the title, but as most of the content on the site appears to be “home & garden” related, I don’t think it’ll be an issue.


Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  The results so far…

In the week since I posted the Background Info for this case study, the Google ranking of my main keyword has jumped 40 spots, while my domain keyword is up six positions.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited 🙂

It’s too early to call this a total win, as a third page ranking still isn’t great, but I am happy with what I’ve seen so far.

From here, I’m planning to wait until my last remaining post is indexed before launching the full version of BuildMyRank (or wait until the free trial expires, whichever comes first).  I already have my next batch of content ready to be posted as soon as I begin the full version, but I’ll be working on getting even more together over the next week so that I have enough to bump up the number of links I post each day.

Can’t wait to share my results with the full version with you next weekend!

Do you have any questions about this case study so far?  If so, leave them in the comments below.

4 Responses to Case Study 1 – 1/22/2011 Update

  1. Jon says:

    The fact that BuildMyRank allows multiple links within each submitted post AND you’re getting PR2-PR4 backlinks makes it worth it. Using a similar tool I have yet to land links from sites of that caliber PR and I’m limited to one BL each post.

    Nice jump too; keep linking!

  2. wilson usman says:

    Honestly I haven’t even heard of the company so I don’t know what to say.

    Normally I like to learn most of my backlinking strategies from Pat Flynn or Glen Allsopp.

    Also I personally like reading seomoz and seobook to see for new ideas on the seo world.

    But hey if it’s working for you, that’s cool. Thanks for writing about it.

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t think it’s as widely used as some other backlinking services yet – another blogger recommended it to me awhile back, but it’s been closed to new members until a few weeks ago.

      And yeah, I’m a big fan of free backlinking and SEO as well, but sometimes they take awhile to gain traction. Speeding things up with a paid service can be useful as well (in my opinion 🙂 ).

  3. Jon says:

    @Wilson I’m all for testing new strategy and tools. As long as you’re not over-complicating things in the process. You have to figure, at one point, every new tool had zero track record so someone has to test it and report findings.

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