Case Study 1 – 2/19/2011 Update

Case Study 1 – 2/19/2011 Update

UPDATE 3/21/2012 – As of March 19th, 2012, Build My Rank’s network has been deindexed by Google, resulting in the service being suspended indefinitely.  I will keep you posted if/when the service reopens for operation.


Another week down, another update on Case Study #1 – my test of one-way backlinking service  I’ll keep this one brief (if you don’t already know what I’m doing with this case study, visit my Case Study #1 page for more details).

This week, I posted 12 new backlinks to my target site through BuildMyRank.  Last Sunday, I spent some time in a local crafting store, which helped me to uncover a new sub-niche that I hadn’t considered before.  This gave me some new material to write about, which was a huge relief, as there are only so many things you can write about a particular product category in a single niche!  Once the case study is over, I’d like to add more content to the site in this new sub-niche, as I think it’s one that’s going to be increasing in popularity in the future.

So let that be a lesson for you – if you aren’t all that familiar with your niche, get out and spend some time interacting with people (whether online or in the real world) who are.  You might be missing out on a huge opportunity you hadn’t thought of before 🙂


But without further ado, here are my current rankings:

These are the highest weekly rankings I’ve had for the site yet, so needless to say, I’m pretty excited 🙂

I’ve got one more full week to go on this case study, so I’m going to be pushing down the home stretch to get as many backlinks in as possible.  I’d like to enter at least 24 (possibly including some to Ezine Articles pages that are linking back to the site), but I know that this week is going to be pretty busy.  After my next update, I’ll have a final recommendation on BuildMyRank, although you can probably guess how that will wind up, as the results speak for themselves!


Finally, as you’ve probably seen from the announcements on my site, I’m busy getting everything set up for the launch of Case Study #2 – the 2011 Community Marketing Challenge.  I’m still hoping to fill 1-2 more spots, so if you’re interested in some free mentoring as you go through the process of building a minisite, be sure to get signed up right away!

Click here to register for the 2011 Community Marketing Challenge

6 Responses to Case Study 1 – 2/19/2011 Update

  1. Hi Sarah, Looking good with bmr, you find its better than linkvana? You throwing other links to the site other than bmr?

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey Will! So far, I’m finding it compares nicely with Linkvana, although I’d recommend comparing the # of domains you plan to promote. At the higher subscription levels, the two are about the same cost, and at that point, I’d recommend Linkvana as their blog network seems larger. I’m definitely pleased with my results so far, though.

    And for the duration of this case study, the only thing I’m doing to the test site is backlinking with BMR. No content update, no other backlinks, etc.

  3. Jon says:

    Nice work stepping away from the computer and into the real world to get inspired! It’s good to see you’re experiencing gains in ranking using one method consistently.

    That’s good news to any newbies out there. Using one method (although I know you recommend more) can still yield results. It’s consistency that will win the game.

    I hope that sometime down the road you’ll share an update about this project once you’re ranking within the top 3.

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Jon! Sometimes I forget how insular the world of internet marketing can be. It’s good to step outside into the real world every once in awhile to be sure you understand your niche and the people in it 🙂

      And yes, I’m definitely planning on posting updates about this site down the road. Hopefully I’ll have good results to share!

  4. Jk Allen says:

    It’s really nice seeing the transparency behind this case study. Backlinking is rather new to me (um, very new) and it’s nice getting a glimpse of it. I’m looking forward to Case Study #2, just signed up so I can keep updated.

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