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moving on

Moving On

Tweet So…  If you haven’t already noticed, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here.  And although I […]

birds in flight

Letting Go of Being Good at Everything

Tweet Hey there, Common Sense Marketers! As you all know, I’ve been self-employed full-time as a writer and affiliate marketer […]

investing in education

How and When to Invest in Your Internet Marketing Education

Tweet Affiliate marketing – like any other skill – is one that takes time and education to develop. Sure, some […]


Sarah’s Corner – November 2011 in Review

Tweet Hey there, friends! Hard to believe it’s time for another monthly wrap-up post, but I’ve checked the calendar several […]

october 2011

Sarah’s Corner – October 2011 in Review

Tweet Hi friends! I’m writing this post from underneath the haze of a Halloween weekend hangover, which must mean that […]

september calendar

Sarah’s Corner – September 2011 in Review

Tweet Welcome back to the second installment of my “Sarah Shoots the Shit” monthly wrap up post series (better name […]


Sarah’s Corner – August 2011 In Review

Tweet Hey there, Common Sense Marketers! In my post last week on staying motivated with “big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGs)” […]

big hairy audacious goal

How to Get Motivated with BHAGs

Tweet I can’t remember where I first heard the term BHAG (aka – “Big, hairy audacious goal”), but Wikipedia tells […]

take massive action

Internet Marketing Cliches – Stop Taking Massive Action and Start Taking the Right Actions!

Tweet Hey you! Yeah – you, the one sitting behind that computer screen, talking a big game about how important […]

blue sky

On Near Death Experiences, Marketing & Life Lessons

Tweet (Just a heads up – this post contains both graphic scenes and overly-sentimental musings that may not be appropriate […]