Dan McConnell – 3/12 CMC Update

Dan McConnell – 3/12 CMC Update

A couple of months ago I started an amazon review site. Since the idea is to promote items with price tags of ovr $100, and I have experience in carpentry and a serious tool Jones, I decided to focus my keyword research on tools.

I had some trouble identifying tools that fit my criteria and also had a lot of reviews on Amazon (another criteria). Eventually I decided to promote a 12″ Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw, specifically the Dewalt DW718.

The keywords “Dewalt DW718” and “DW718” have combined exact search volumes of 2900 per month. The term Dewalt DW718 only has 17,500 competing “in quotes” pages, and according to the Traffic Travis free competition analysis tool the competition is relatively easy.

Though I was initially planning for the site to be a micro site reviewing only one saw, as I began to do research for the review, I decided that a site reviewing 5 or 6 saws was a better idea.

One of the reasons I came to this conclusion was that I read the glowing reviews for a similar miter saw from Hitachi. I found it quite easy to write a review for that saw. Then I ran into writer’s block trying to write the review for the Dewalt saw and the project stalled.

I would like to revive this site as these saws retail in the $500 range, and I know from personal experience that tools like these sell on Amazon. If I can get the hang of building review sites like this on a regular basis and ranking them, it would be a help in diversifying my efforts in Internet Marketing.

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