Dan McConnell – 3/26 CMC Update

Dan McConnell – 3/26 CMC Update

It is Sunday afternoon and I am late filing this report. My only defense is to say that this was one of those weeks where the real world got in the way of my on-line aspirations.

On a positive note – I did finally get past my number one roadblock. The DW718 review is live on the DW718 website. That should help a bit with SEO.

Second note – in spite of my protestations about not wanting another customizable theme for this site, I went ahead and found one.

One of the mailing lists I am on (I know, I know, I have too many) notified me of a special being run on the Profits theme. Since this theme looked like it would be a perfect option for another project I am working on, I purchased it.

Since I own it, I decided to try it out for theDW718.com, and it looks like it will fit nicely. However, it looks like between writing more reviews and trying to figure out the details of the theme, I can write off the rest of my Sunday.

The feeling of accomplishment and relief are going to be well worth it.

Until next week.


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