Dan McConnell – 4/16 CMC Update

This week I have been watching to see if my backlinking package is having any effect. So far there has been no change, though there may be some links starting to show up – It’s a little difficult to tell as the way Google, Yahoo and Bing show links seems to be quite laggy. I have not been pinging the links yet since it seems better to let them accumulate in a natural fashion.

What I have started to do is migrate the reviews I have done to the sister site. Of course, rather than do this simply, I decided at the same time to move the hosting to another provider so that the ip addresses are separated. This was fairly easy but I did have a problem with the domain registrar when trying to change nameservers to Hostgator from my other provider. A short while on live chat got this sorted out.

A short note on live chat – while I do appreciate having the option of live chat when fixing problems, it is a bit of a time suck. Since it is obvious the tech person on the other end of the keyboard is helping several people at once, a simple 5 minute problem can easily take a half hour or more to work through. During this time it is difficult to accomplish much of anything else.

Anyway, at the same time as I was changing all of this around, there was a major upgrade to the theme I am using on these sites which is giving me some small installation headaches.

Well that’s it for this week. Hopefully next week the reviews on the site will appear somewhere back in the rankings, and I can have a reasonable chance of starting to see some traffic.


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