Dan McConnell – 4/2 CMC Update

Dan McConnell – 4/2 CMC Update

I’ll have to eat some crow with this post. It is late again – more busy times in the real world.

This is how my IM week went. There are times when my work leaves me coming home with very little energy, physically or intellectually, to accomplish much of anything internet-ty. This was one of those weeks and I am sure I am not alone in this.

I did take the time during the week to research some forum and blog possibilities. Enough to know that forum posting and blog commenting by and large is not going to be a strategy that will work very well for me.

At some point we all have to deal with the way our personalities will fit with the type of business we want to run. At times I am quite social, but at other times I really don’t feel that I have anything to contribute. And since I have this nagging honesty thing, I am unwilling to just put something down to get a backlink, though I’m sure I could fake it.

Now I am researching outsourcing backlinking, which I guess I knew all along would be the way I would go.

I will concentrate on finishing the last couple of reviews I need for this site, take all the affiliate links live, and post it all up on the sister site while someone else does some backlinking.

Also in accordance with my nature, I had an idea take hold of me and I spent the whole week-end building another site (sorry Sarah). This is the type of thing that probably keeps many of us from making much headway in Internet Marketing. On the upside, I did manage to take this from concept to workable site in two days.

Though I feel this little mindstorm has caused me to shirk my responsibilities regarding the challenge, it is the type of small success that is an important milestone for me. It should also have a positive effect on my efforts to finish work on thedw718.com.

In other news, I think I am having my first experience with the Google Dance. The new review I put up on the site has landed in the early 200’s for two of it’s keywords, but the one review that has dropped out of sight. It had been holding steady at around 59 but now is no longer in the top 700. I am curious to see where it will come back at. Once the backlinking begins to take effect, it will be interesting to see if the age of the post will make a difference to these two review’s rankings.


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