Dan McConnell – 4/23 CMC Update

For this last week, I really have not update to post. The backlinks I purchased have not begun to show up yet. In fact some of the backlinks that one of my tools was reporting have actually begun to disappear. So I made the decision to begin to ping some of those backlinks in a gradual manner and see if they will get picked up.

Even without the backlinks the site has popped up into the mid twenties from the low 300’s. I would like to think that this is on the strength of the on-page SEO, but I suspect it is just Google trying to find the site’s proper position.

I will continue my efforts to get this site noticed and will try to report back at a later date when I gain some position and actaully begin to make a sale or two.

I can’t believe that 8 weeks have passed already. Just goes to show that you really need to keep your eye on the ball in this game.


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