Dan McConnell – 4/9 CMC Update

Got back on track a bit this week. I finished up the reviews for the site and placed all the Amazon affiliate links. I don’t know if amazon has changed things in the last several months or if perhaps it’s the new theme, but I had a tougher time getting these links working than I remember.

I also went to Clickbank and found several products to place in my sidebar to kind of fill out the page. It looked a little hollow with the long blank area on the right.

As with everything you do on the internet, it seems, some advise not to do this. Time will tell. I’m betting that the shoppers will stay fixed on the review, and the clickbank items might give the window shoppers somewhere to travel to that might benefit me.

Wednesday I paid someone to put backlinks to the site. 250 links with 2750 supporting links on the second layer. The job was run Friday and it is still too early to see how many of these links will stick, and how effective they will be.

There is some conflicting information out there about pinging backlinks. The backlink provider recommends against it, but I have read from knowledgeable people that it is necessary. I am still deciding whether I will ping them or not.

Given that the site currently ranks in the 300s on Scroogle for it’s two major keywords, any improvement should be easy to see.


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