Dustin Mason – 3/12 CMC Update

Dustin Mason – 3/12 CMC Update

Keyword research does not have to be difficult. For this challenge, I simply asked myself, what are people buying in my niche. I then fired up Google and searched for a few keywords using Google’s instant search. As people get used to this new feature they may even start letting the search engine finish their searches for them (highly unlikely though). As such, I make sure that my keywords show up in the ‘instant search results’.

Once I have confirmed that they do, I head over to micro niche finder to see if these keywords actually receive traffic. There is no sense ranking number one for ‘buy purple widgets’ if no one is looking for them. I like to use keywords that get at least 500 exact searches a month. Additionally, since I am not using adsense, I honestly do not care what the CPC is. Usually, I just head over to Amazon (or other affiliate network) and see what an average commission will give me. For example, if I make $10 per sale and the keyword gets 750 searches a month, I would expect that keyword to make around $150 to $200 a month once I am in the number one spot. [750 searches * 50% of total traffic * 5% conversion * $10 commission].

Will I get 50% of the traffic at number one? Maybe not; I may get more. Will I convert at 5%? Who knows….I simply use this to compare one keyword phrase to another.

Once I have 20 keywords that fit my criteria, I start writing; which is where I am at now.

I have decided to tackle an extremely difficult niche – weight loss products. Why? Simply because I am trying to lose weight myself and have been doing a ton of research. 90% of the sites out ‘out there’ are horrible. Seriously! Some of them are unreadable.

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