Dustin Mason – 3/26 CMC Update

Even when you start a project with the best intentions, life can sometimes get in the way. I can certainly vouch for that. Over the past two weeks, I have actually turned the computer on less than five times. My inbox needs some serious cleaning and I have fallen way behind with this challenge. With that being said, I did manage to get some work done during my limited time online.

I try to keep my sites as simple as possible. I use a premium wordpress theme and keep my plugins to a minimum (all-in-one seo, askimet, contact us, google sitemaps, etc). Overall, it takes me around thirty minutes from the time I buy the domain name to the time my basic site is completed. Of course, I also add a privacy page, a contact page, and an affiliate disclosure immediately before I do anything else. Sometimes, I will even add an about page if I think it is needed.

Once all of that is done, I start outlining my site. Basically, I try and determine what type of categories I want to include at first, how many pages I want, and whether or not all them will be monetized. For this challenge, I am going to start with 10 pages of review oriented content. Each page will be monetized with affiliate links from a popular supplement company.

To make this project work, my site will need three things; content, links, and time. Even though I have not written the content for this site yet, I went ahead and published one page of content to help get the internet clock started. I also submitted it to pingomatic, pingler, and ismysiteindexed; which will help get it indexed faster.

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