How to Get Custom Graphics Cheap – Fun with Fiverr!

How to Get Custom Graphics Cheap – Fun with Fiverr!

So, as most of you know, I released my latest product – The Visibility Index – this past Monday. The idea for the course – basically, the crucial role of building online visibility for your internet business – came about as part of the series of posts I did last week on how I turned a single article writing project into a full-fledged web content writing agency within a few months time.

When I started writing the course, I knew I wanted to strike while that iron was still hot – but that meant putting together a series of videos, plus a related workbook, in about a week’s time.

Normally, when I release a product, I do everything – from the content, to the graphics, to the website design and construction. While I love having that kind of creative control and being able to put my own stamp on everything, there’s no arguing with the fact that it all takes time. And considering the number of other projects I have going on right now, I knew that if I wanted to get this course out ASAP, I was going to need help.

Enter… Fiverr!

Yes, I know I’m late getting to the Fiverr party. For some reason, even though I run an internet business, I’m usually wildly behind the times when it comes to picking up on the latest trends…

But better late than never, right?


After carefully considering each step of the project that would need to be completed, I decided to outsource a few aspects of the course creation. Some things – like recording the videos and creating the workbook – really did need to be completed by me, as I’m very particular about the content I put out. Other things – like building the website delivery system for the course – would have taken me too long to explain to an outsourced worker, considering the rush I put on the project.

However, I did uncover two areas that could be easily outsourced – transcribing the videos and creating the graphics for the course.

For the transcription, I used an outsourced worker I found through, which is a subject I’ll get into in future posts. But for the graphics, I turned to Fiverr – which has been frequently recommended to me as a great place to get good work done on the cheap.

Specifically, I wanted two different graphics created – a logo for the product and an ecover graphic that combined DVD and workbook covers.

The first thing that struck me about using Fiverr was how different it is than freelancer portals, like or I’ve used those sites extensively to find writers and other outsourcers, so it was strange for me to come to Fiverr, where you – as the buyer – aren’t as in control of the project.

On Guru or eLance, you post the project, you specify the terms and then select the worker that you feel will best fulfill the project’s requirements. Fiverr is the exact opposite – people specify exactly what they’re willing to do, and the burden is on you to find the right person for the project you have in mind.

This can be tricky, as there are plenty of people offering the same services and Fiverr doesn’t give you extensive portfolios to look through, like the kind you find on Guru or eLance. And while you can contact Fiverr providers to get more details about what they’re offering, the site seems to have more of a “buy it now, and work out the kinks later” mentality.


So, considering the limitations of this business model, I based my decisions on three things:

1. The provider’s portfolio,
2. The number of positive ratings the provider had received, and
3. The estimated turnaround time (since I was on a time crunch, I needed providers who could finish the project in a few days).

Here’s what I got back…

Project #1 – Logo Creation

I went with a provider who offered five logo concepts for me to choose from. Here are the results:


Obviously, they aren’t super high quality, but they’ll work well enough for my purposes. If I were going to be doing something more substantial than an online course, I’d probably take the time to hire a professional designer outside of Fiverr, but that’d come with a higher cost as well. For $5, I went with the 3rd option, because it incorporated the dance theme I used in the course.

Project #2 – eCover Graphic

Once I had my logo chosen, I forwarded that, plus one of my professional belly dance pictures to the second designer to create an ecover graphic for the course. I specified that I wanted the colors black and blue to be incorporated into the cover (since I’d used those colors in the videos), but didn’t give the designer much direction beyond that. Here’s what he came up with:

The graphic wound up costing me $10 because it incorporated two different types of ecovers, but I still feel like that’s a pretty good bargain for the graphic I received. I did tweak the design slightly because I didn’t like the look of the transcript covers in the front and wanted the workbook to be at a different angle.

The verdict?

After finishing these two graphics projects, I can say without a doubt that I’d use Fiverr again for this type of work. For $15, I saved several hours of tedious design work on my end, making me able to finish the course within my rushed timetable.

I don’t know if I’ll use Fiverr for other types of work – there are tons of listings for things like article writing, site submission, backlinking, etc – but I think I’ll probably experiment with it. I mean, heck, it’s $5 for a project – what do I really have to lose?!

Have you ever used Fiverr for graphics work or other projects? Share your experiences below for those of us who are late to the Fiverr party 🙂

17 Responses to How to Get Custom Graphics Cheap – Fun with Fiverr!

  1. Matt says:

    I recently used Fiverr for the first time for two small graphic design tasks as well. One for a banner to use on my Facebook fan page and one for a poster to promote a concert I’m performing in. Both exceeded my wildest expectations and werevmuch better than anything I could have done on my own!

    • Sarah says:

      Matt – Glad to hear you had good results with Fiverr as well! I’m definitely excited about the potential I found there 🙂

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks for sharing, Sarah! I was concerned about outsourcing graphic work to them but am surprised with the quality you received back. Sweet deal.

    You know I’ve used Fiverr 🙂 I’ve used their service to find voice over work and am now having backlink building done for my affiliate site. I’ll share those results with you in our community forum.

    Congrats on making strong sales on The Visibility Index right out of the gate! I am going to look over the material this weekend since I am one of your buyers.


    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Jon! I was pretty surprised by the quality too. Obviously, the logos aren’t professional level, but they’re more than adequate for the things I’m working on 🙂

  3. Jia Jun says:

    I get to know about Fiverr from other bloggers, and it’s interesting to see what’s offer there with only $5 for each of them.
    So far I’m yet to try it yet.

    Indeed Outsource is very important, to save our time so that we can focus on creating more values and things we’re good on. =D

    • Sarah says:

      Jia – Thanks for stopping by!

      The one tip I’d give you about Fiverr is just to try it. I spent a few hours trying to evaluate different providers, before I just pulled the trigger an chose two of them.

      The worst that happens is you’re out $5, but at least you won’t have wasted hours searching the site like I did 🙂

      • Hey Sarah,

        Our very own bit of Internet heaven, Best of Fiverr, tries to help people save time finding gigs because as you know, Fiverr can be a huge time sink.

        I think Fiverr is reaching a cusp: Does the world really need 1,000 people offering the same service (such as backlinking using software)? At some point browser fatigue sets in.

  4. Benny says:

    I’m late to the Fiverr party too! I’ve spent probably way too much time just seeing what people would offer for $5.

    I’ve tried getting a logo created for my website and even though the seller had great reviews, it wasn’t what I wanted.

    Also I read that there are lots of fake reviews floating around Fiverr. So just be careful. In the end it’s just $5 but if I’m being ripped off for $5, I’d still be upset.

    However I’m still willing to give it a shot with other future needs for projects I’m working on.

    • Sarah says:

      Benny – I’m sure there are tons of fake reviews (after all, half the providers on there seem to be selling fake friends, fake “Likes” and fake Twitter followers…).

      I think it’s best used for projects with low expectations. For the course I was working on, I didn’t need something super professional, just a quick logo to use on the course materials. A lot of the stuff on Fiverr looks good, but I think it’s still true that you get what you pay for.

      That said, I know Fiverr gives you the opportunity to reject work that isn’t up to par. Did you try that at all with your logo project?

  5. Paul says:

    Fiverr Rocks – !

    how do I get my picture next to a post?


  6. Tom says:

    Great article. I was looking for exactly what you posted, FIVRR and logo creation. I was using my son on some of my logo shots but it wouldn’t fit in to my blog. May be time for an upgrade.

    You also provided great points on the ebook cover. This is another tool I can add since I’m putting together an ebook for late this year or early next year.


    • Sarah says:

      Tom – Be careful – the further I get into Fiverr the more addicted I’m becoming!!! 🙂

      Just got some killer keyword research done for just $5 – it’s really amazing how much value you can get from the site.

      Best of luck with the logo redesign and ecover creation!

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