How to Make More Money as an Affiliate Marketer

How to Make More Money as an Affiliate Marketer

Check it out! My latest Youtube video is up, and today we’re talking about how to make more money as affiliate marketers.  Basically, if you aren’t making as much money as you’d like yet, these 5 tips will show you a few simple tricks that’ll help boost your affiliate commissions.

Hope you like it! I’m still getting all my software reloaded after my computer crash last week, so I shot this video with my iPhone instead. Pretty amazing what you can do with technology these days (cue my Grandmother’s voice inside my head…). 🙂

Can you think of any other tricks to boost your affiliate marketing income?  If so, please share them in the comments below!

4 Responses to How to Make More Money as an Affiliate Marketer

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Loved the video and it’s good actually seeing you. Great tips you shared.

    I never thought about giving complimentary items along with the actual product. I guess when you are promoting a digital product it’s much easier to do but can be very costly when promoting physical products.

    I finally did the split testing after I had heard it needed to be done so many different times. I finally had someone walk me through exactly what to do. I totally agree with you, it’s really important so you can see which sites pulls the best.

    Thanks for all your tips, great video. I don’t have anything further to add actually. You did a great job.


    • Sarah says:

      Adrienne – Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the video 🙂

      Offering complimentary items is a little tricky as an affiliate, although you can always encourage people to remember to buy related products once they wind up on the affiliate site.

      But I really love it for selling drop-shipped physical products, where you can create your own unique bundles of items. It’s a great way to bump up the total value of the sale.

      And good for you for starting with the split testing! I’m sure you’re going to find the results incredibly useful.

      Thanks, as always, for the feedback!!!

  2. Jon says:

    Way to leverage new technology, Sarah! I’m guessing you are still loving the iPhone. Good job keeping up with adding videos – don’t stop.

    We’ve chatted about split testing and yep, it’s a MUST.

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