How to Use Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront Programs

How to Use Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront Programs

Guess what time it is?  Time for another great Common Sense Marketing video tutorial!

Today, I’m going to show you how to use Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront programs to stream video files and share large files with other people.  I recently started using these Amazon Web Services programs and I really like them for a couple of reasons:

*More flexibility for streaming video files.  If you ever need to film something that you’d only like to share with certain people (for example, a training resource for your virtual assistant or part of an info product training course), Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront programs let you determine exactly who can watch your videos.  It’s a much more secure option than Youtube or other video sharing sites.

*Send large files with ease.  I often have my VA post the videos I create to multiple websites, but because of the size, I can’t just email her the files.  Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront programs let me send them to her quickly and easily.

*It’s dirt-fricking cheap.  Seriously, my first Amazon Web Services bill was $.06 – and I had about four hours of video uploaded at that point with several people streaming them.  It’s a *lot* cheaper than streaming videos from your own hosting account, so I definitely recommend checking it out if you need to share video for any reason.

Now, the downside is that Amazon’s Web Services Management Console is one of the most user-unfriendly systems I’ve ever seen.  Seriously – I spent about a week before the Community Marketing Challenge Course launch pulling my hair out trying to get my files to display correctly before I figured out the solution.  So if you want to use Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront programs on your own site – or if you’re already struggling to get them to work correctly – check out the following video on how to use a third-party software program to manage them effectively:

If you have any questions using these programs, let me know in the comments.  I’m happy to share my experiences with these programs so that it doesn’t take you as agonizingly long to get them up and running as it took me 🙂

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4 Responses to How to Use Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront Programs

  1. Even though they are shutting down certain states, you still can take advantage of other parts of Amazon.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Sarah says:

      That’s true – Amazon is definitely more than just a web merchant these days. Hope you weren’t in one of the states that’s been cut – what a bunch of BS!!! 🙁

  2. Great video, Sarah! I was actually just trying to figure out how to use S3 the other day, so I’m glad I stumbled across this video. It definitely helped me get a better understanding of how it works.

    I’m on a Mac so I can’t use CloudBerry, but I found another program called Cyberduck that seems to do the trick.

    • Sarah says:

      Awesome! I’m not even joking when I say I wasted a week trying to figure the Amazon system out, so I’m glad you found the video helpful. Let me know if you have an other questions about it!

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