Jon Alford – 3/12 CMC Update

Ah, the joy of keyword research for niche sites!

My process focused on topics I had some interest in, a desire to learn about or I personally knew someone tied to the niche. I figured if it’s going to be something I’ll be spending time on, I may as well have at least a small personal interest.

The industry I’m targeting is golf cart accessories. As a [lousy] golfer myself, I enjoy the sport and all things related. Also, some of my closest friends are avid golfers so it gives us something cool to chat about and it’ll help hold me accountable.

The approach is going to be slightly different than the typical mini site. What I plan to do is use a plugin for WordPress that pulls in Amazon products and includes reviews and product descriptions. But it doesn’t do all the work and I’ll still have to write a lot of relevant content and practice smart SEO.

The competition is marginal. There are some authoritative sites on Page 1 of Google for the main group of keywords I’m targeting. However, I plan to slide into the rankings by leading off with a couple of the lower barrier (competitively) phrases and test from there.

For exact searches, the 8 keyword groups I’ve selected don’t have massive search volume but they do fall into Sarah’s suggested monthly search range.

I noticed that some of my competitors created Adsense-driven sites or designed lackluster Amazon affiliate sites. They also didn’t have a strong Alexa ranking and I feel that I have a shot at beating them out in a relatively short span of time.

TIme to grab my domain (keywords should be included) and get to work. Let’s hope this bad boy converts 😉

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