Jon Alford – 3/26 CMC Update

This week posed some interesting challenges with my chosen theme and the WP Zon Builder plugin I am using.

Although I was considering a tear-down and rebuild, I decided to keep tinkering with my theme and brought the site to a point that is acceptable. There are a few issues with product descriptions displaying but I’m pleased overall with the direction the site is headed.

My immediate needs are:

-Complete the baseline pages such as About, Terms of Service, etc.
-Write at least five (5) SEO-friendly articles
-Configure my plugins to maximize their utility

There are design elements I’ll pick away at but the main content needs to be addressed soon.

What I found rather useful, was using the new WordPress “Menus” option to use top-level keyword phrases for my navigation menu. Basically, I found a way to easily create pages in the navigation bar that would display categories of products.

This gives the site the appearance of a “post” page on every page rather than just on the blog. I will be writing posts that will be categorized and sorted to the different pages and I’ll internally link all the other posts and product pages.

The WP Zon Builder plugin makes sidebar display of products a snap which was also a nice touch this week. I was able to select a specific ASIN number to pull a specific category of Amazon products into the sidebar (and I set it to display 5 items).

In the future I also plan to make a more polished home landing page (instead of landing on the blog/post page) where I’ll select high dollar threshold products and see how that converts.

Over the next several days I plan to catch up and then start promoting the site by way of social media channels, picture and video sharing sites, as well as standard backlink building.

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