Jon Alford – 4/2 CMC Update

Jon Alford – 4/2 CMC Update

This past week I filled in my Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages using some
creative commons licensed material and freely shared documentation. Then I tweaked it to make sense for my situation.

Also, I added more products to fill in the rest of my categories in the navigation menu. Now there are relevant products in all categories and I have drafted several review-type articles to go live in the coming week.

There were a few formatting issues with excerpts showing as full descriptions which also pulled images from the body content. It made for a messy layout so I’ll have to address those particular posts.

Going forward I’d like to have completed at least one new SEO-friendly article for each category that I set up. Then I plan to use a prominent industry leader in the golf niche (already chose which one) to model my [future] landing page. It’s going to take work but I want my site to be familiar in layout and color to those in my niche that are ranking highly and are full-on websites.

So far I’ve chosen a half dozen sites for web commenting. Then I plan to add a Facebook profile and mix it up in a few large Facebook groups to see if I can gain traction there. Also, since I have Blog-Blueprint I plan to use that as a method of backlink building for my niche site. Those links will be added gradually so as not to build an unnatural amount of PR3+ backlinks to a new site.

All in all I’m still pleased with the direction of the site and learning the new tools I tried out for this challenge. On the downside, I’ve noticed delayed loading times. My guess is the WP Zon Builder plugin is causing the load speed issues.

To help improve the loading of pages I uploaded and configured the plugin W3 Total Cache and I did notice some improvement. Every bit helps!

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