Jon Alford – 4/23 CMC Update

This week was all about link building. I didn’t get to the website commenting and forum commenting as much as I would have liked.

Fiverr was where I spent my time this week. I found a few reputable Fiverr gigs and since this is an affiliate site (not my main project), I’m more brave about paying for link building, social bookmarking, and directory submissions.

So, my recent strategy is pretty simple. Rather than spend hours writing my own content for each category or product I have, I’ve outsourced to someone who will source quantities of PLR content for $5 on Fiverr. Once I have the PLR content, I modify the content to suit my needs and add my pen name (and links).

Then I take the PLR articles and feed them into another Fiverr gig where the content is spun and submitted to several hundred article directories. I’ve done as much as I can in terms of ensuring the content (by the Fiverr gig offeror) will be of reasonable value after it has been spun.

I’ve also purchased gigs to build one-way, high PR backlinks as well as .EDU links.

Although I do take interest in my niche, I am trying to develop my own strategy and process for future projects. This site is my test bed for my ideas and strategies. I’d like to be as “hands free” as possible on my affiliate sites. What would be best is working on tasks that require my direct attention such as relationship building on Facebook, website commenting, and Twitter. My time will also be freed to work on other growing projects.

It’s been an exciting week of establishing a new process and placing the right outsourcers into the project. If all goes well, I’ll be able to work with the same individuals on a continuing basis.

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