Jon Alford – 4/9 CMC Update

Low output week on the niche site, I must admit.

Between publishing only two reviews and adding only a small handful of links I can’t say that I was leading by example the past two weeks. However, I know where the site is going and I’ll continue to add reviews in the coming days.

What I found to help draft up a few more reviews that I’m currently editing is using reviews that are already floating around “out there.” I take a look at what people are saying about the product and synthesize people’s input from several reviews.

I won’t claim to have used a product that I haven’t; I take a reporter-like approach to delivering the review.

Heading into this week my plan is to create some Web 2.0 accounts with sites such as Squidoo and HubPages. Also, I’ll be submitting at least two articles to large article directories and I plan to create Facebook and Twitter accounts.


It seems motivation (or lack thereof) was a common theme among the group this week. That’s okay. We’re humans not machines. We are taking action and are among a select few that do ANYTHING beyond the bare minimum in life.

So, I applaud my fellow community participants and say, “great job.” You all feel compelled to work harder this week because last week was less-than-stellar.

Me too, I feel compelled to take more action this week.

It’s time to push through now that the honeymoon is over and get down to some real work.

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