Links Galore! Go Read These Awesome Posts :)

Links Galore! Go Read These Awesome Posts :)

Friends!  Sorry I’ve been absent the last week or so – I’ve been fighting off the end-of-summer flu that’s been going around my office (yet another reason to get out of this stinkin’ day job…) and I’m behind on everything.  So instead of the well-researched, informative posts you’ve all come to know and love from me, check out these great articles while I get caught up on everything 🙂

101 Conversion Tips to Help Improve Your Website – Neil Patel is a pretty smart guy, and I love that every single one of these tips is something you could put into place right away.  Might I suggest tackling the first 10-20 today and then adding more improvements to your website after that?

A Beginner’s Guide to Google Website Optimizer – While you’re on Neil’s website, be sure to check out this fantastic guide on getting started with A/B split testing (which I’ve been telling you to do for, like, ever now!).

Google Panda Update: Machine Learning and Tree Structures, oh my! – I’ve been doing a lot of in-depth SEO writing lately, so I think this is fascinating stuff.  The subject matter is a bit dense, but Ninja Bonnie shares some really interesting insights on the technical background of the Panda Update.

Linking Dirty – Blackhat and Dirty – Don’t worry – I’m not promoting black hat linking…  Just my love of hip hop music and nerdy SEO parodies.  Check it out if you need a laugh, cause this s*** is genius 🙂

5 Motivational Videos That Will Inspire You to Work Harder – I’m a sucker for cheesy motivational videos (have I ever told you that my favorite movie is Cool Runnings?), so it’s no big surprise that I love this collection that James put together over on Passive Panda.  They’re especially great for when you’re staring down a mountain of make-up work after taking a few days off sick…

Taking Side Work Beyond 40 Hours a Week – This describes my life right now so. perfectly.  Jeffrey has some awesome insights on how to balance a day job with a side business, and he shares some excellent points to consider if you’re in the same boat.

The Best Argument Ever for the Oxford Comma – Sorry, bad writer humor…  I’m obviously still pretty out of it 🙂

Go read these posts, enjoy them, and if you have any other awesome posts to share, list them in the comments below!

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4 Responses to Links Galore! Go Read These Awesome Posts :)

  1. Awesome links. Especially the hip hop influenced one 🙂

    Great job here.

    • Sarah says:

      Dude – I am seriously going to find that song on my ipod and sing the backlinking version over top of it on the drive home from work. Not even joking… 🙂

  2. Love the Oxford commas! I’ve always been in support, but maybe more than ever now!

    Thanks for the inclusion! I’m glad to hear we’re on the same level with jobs. Your writing here has definitely inspired me along the way, so please keep it up, Sarah!

    • Sarah says:

      Haha – Honestly, I’ve never been a fan and don’t use it professionally, but that’s a pretty compelling argument…

      And thanks for writing awesome posts! Makes my job easier when I decide to opt-out of writing actual content and do link posts instead 🙂

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