Marketing Lessons from the Honey Badger

Marketing Lessons from the Honey Badger

Okay, so for starters today, if you haven’t seen the “Honey Badger Don’t Give a S***” video, watch it now – it’s hilarious. (Fair warning, though – as you might have guessed from the title, the language isn’t exactly PG 13…)

Now, the funny thing is, my husband and I were hanging out with some friends the other day, goofing off and watching funny Youtube videos like this, but all I could think about was what kind of kick ass marketer the honey badger would make. Here’s why…

Example #1 – The honey badger does what it has to do. It eats larva, for crying out loud! (Eww… Disgusting!)

Affiliate marketing isn’t always glamorous. Yes, there are parts that are down right awesome – like putting up a new website, connecting with people and sharing information with the world. These are the parts that keep us going, day after day.

But there are plenty of things that just downright suck about working online. Building backlinks is boring. Doing keyword research can be frustrating. Trying to figure out why a site that you poured hours and hours into isn’t converting can be downright agonizing. But just like the honey badger, we internet marketers need to put our heads down and do what needs to be done – no matter how “un-fun” it might be.

Example #2 – Did you see the scene in the video where the honey badger gets bitten by a king cobra, sleeps it off and then staggers away?! Seriously, the bite that would have killed a regular person only stunned the honey badger for a few hours.

So here’s the fun internet marketing tie-in. When you work online, you’re going to get bit. You’re going to have miserable failures, and projects that you’ll look back on in a few years and wonder what the hell you were thinking (seriously, ask me about my Adsense membership site…). Chances are you’re going to lose money on some of these “great ideas” and it’s going to suck, big time.

This is when we have to be like the honey badger. Take some time to lick your wounds and let the immediate pain of a failed project pass, but then get right back up and keep eating that cobra (errr – don’t do that, exactly. You know what I mean.)

Example #3 – The honey badger just don’t give a s***.

Okay, so I know that the first two examples were tied to actual attributes of the honey badger, and this third one is just the video creator’s interpretation of the honey badger’s emotional motivations, but the reality is that if you work online, you’re going to face some “haters”.

Maybe it’ll be an unsupportive parent or spouse who doesn’t understand why you want to spend hours slaving away in front of a computer to earn a few dollars from Adsense.

Maybe it’s your co-workers who don’t understand why you’d stay up late working on websites instead of watching American Idol; or worse, colleagues who remind you every day that no one has ever succeeded making money online, so you might as well stop trying now.

Or maybe it’s your own internal voice that keeps telling you, “Why are you still trying so hard? Why not give up? It’s a nice day, and you could be outside grilling brats instead of writing yet another article!”

In the words of the honey badger (or, more specifically, the honey badger’s narrator), it’s time to not give a s***.

It’s time to do whatever it is that you need to do to grow your business. Do you need to bow out of a friend’s party to finish work on your latest website? Do it, and don’t give a s***. Do you need to use a precious hour of your vacation time to write a blog post (like I’m doing right now)? Be like the honey badger – do it, and don’t give a s***.

Now go out and have a kick ass day 🙂

4 Responses to Marketing Lessons from the Honey Badger

  1. Jon says:


    Just the kick in the behind we ALL need. It’s all too easy to fall into old routines and let our commitment to a project slide. No, no, no. Keep moving!

    Funny video. You know, when it comes to a significant other I’ve never had the fortune of having one who understood my entrepreneurial drive. Sometimes, it’s the people we allow to influence us each day that can/will derail us.

    We need to not give a s— and get the job done (if it truly matters to us).


    • Sarah says:

      Jon – I’m actually super lucky in that regard. Even though my husband and my close friends and family members don’t understand what exactly it is I do online, they’ve always been very supportive.

      But I’ve heard from plenty of people that don’t have a good support net, and I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to stay motivated when people are telling you that you should stop. I hope you find a significant other who understands, but if not, I’m glad to know you’ve got plenty of supportive people who have your back online 🙂

  2. Nigel Yip says:

    Hi Sarah,

    My first visit here and I am very impressed by you blog post topic and how you relate real life examples i.e the honey bear to various internet markating issues and yes the honey badger would certainly make a very good internet marketer.

    Thanks again for sharing such a great post and keep up the wonderful work

    • Sarah says:

      Nigel – Thanks so much for your kind words! Glad to have you here – please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with 🙂

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