Niche & Keyword Research – Community Marketing Challenge Results!

Niche & Keyword Research – Community Marketing Challenge Results!

Okay, so I know you’re all as excited about the 2nd Case Study – the 2011 Community Marketing Challenge – as I am, so I’ll get right down to business.

Over the past two weeks, the 2011 CMC participants have been brushing up on our affiliate marketing knowledge and delving into the process of niche and keyword research. Here are our first reports and the results of our keyword research:

Sarah Russell – Interestingly enough, I’m targeting a keyword that *doesn’t* meet the criteria discussed in the report above. Read on to find out why…

Jon Alford – Jon has been using  a slightly different keyword research process, and he’s chosen a niche where he hopes his buddies will keep him accountable.  Want to find out what it is?  Read on!

Ben Donahower – Ben probably did the most keyword research out of anyone, but the lessons he got out of the process are pretty amazing. Click in to read more!

Richard Schmidt – Richard will be joining me as an Amazon affiliate promoter, but in a very different niche. Read more to find out what it is.

Dustin Mason – Dustin will be tackling one of my favorite evergreen niches, and I’m excited to see how he approaches it. Don’t miss his process for determining whether a keyword is worth pursuing or not!

Dan McConnell – Dan will be going hyper-specific, working on an existing website that drills down into specific product keywords. I’m excited to see his results, as I haven’t done this kind of website before.

I’ve asked the participants to be as open as possible with you about the results of their niche and keyword research, so if you have any questions about their methods, please leave them a note in their comments!



In my February 2011 Review post, I mentioned that one of my goals has always been to have an element of community and charitable giving on this site. Well, here’s your first opportunity to be a part of it…

During each week of the challenge (now through the end of April 2011), I’ll be profiling a product that relates to the week’s topic (for example, this week is niche and keyword research). The products I profile will be ones that I use personally, and that I feel will either make your life easier or help move your business forward in some significant way.

If you decide to buy the product through my affiliate link during the challenge, I’ll donate half of the affiliate commission to Kiva – an amazing micro-finance program that provides small loans directly with entrepreneurs in developing countries. You can read more about Kiva here.

So, without further ado… This week’s featured product is Market Samurai!

To find out why I love Market Samurai, watch the video or check out the summary below:

1. Value – I’m not joking when I say that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on separate tools to do tasks that can all be completed within Market Samurai. Obviously, the program does good keyword research, but I was blown away by the domain lookup tool, the ranking tracker, and the affiliate product finder (among others).

2. Education – Even if you don’t want to purchase Market Samurai, check out the Market Samurai Dojo for some amazing free education resources. Seriously – tons of great content there 🙂

3. Free Trial – Not convinced that Market Samurai is right for you? Give it a try for 12 days, free of charge.

If you love Market Samurai (and I’m sure you will!), register for the full program within seven days and you’ll be eligible for significant savings that bring the total cost of the product down to $97. That’s a *tremendous* value for all of the tools included in this product.

And, as mentioned before, if you download Market Samurai through the following affiliate link anytime from March 2011 – April 2011, $23 of your purchase price will be donated to Kiva to help entrepreneurs around the world.

But to sweeten the pot even more, if you purchase this week only (March 12th, 2011 through March 18th, 2011), I’ll give you a free 20 minute niche and keyword research consultation. That’s 20 minutes of dedicated time where you’ll be able to ask me your most pressing market research questions and get the answers you need to the problems that are holding your business back.

Download Market Samurai now to take advantage of this incredible offer!

(**Please note** – Both of these promotions have expired, but that doesn’t mean that Market Samurai isn’t still a great value! Check out the free trial today 🙂 )

Any questions? As always, ask them in the comments!

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  1. Jon says:


    I’m seriously considering the MS purchase. If this week doesn’t work out for me, I hope to still purchase through you so that Kiva (and you) will benefit.

    Good job with your screencast!

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