Richard Schmidt – 3/12 CMC Update

Richard Schmidt – 3/12 CMC Update

One of the methods that I’ve found to be effective for finding keywords is to go to the affiliate marketing site that you will be using on your website and looking through some of the product categories available. This time I wanted to chose a product in an evergreen niche (which is usually something related to professions or money), but it wasn’t very easy when your affiliate is going to be Amazon.

I’m not sure if my choice will fall under an evergreen niche, but I think it’s a category that will have many buyers. I started by researching through dog and cat products. I’ve heard of a lot of people making sizable amounts of money from running pet websites and it seems like there are still sub-niches available that can prosper.

I began looking for terms on Google Adwords by imputing “dog toys” and “cat toys”. Once I entered that I went through the choices and looked for Local Searches above 2,400 visitors a month. This isn’t always necessary but I’ve read from a few other successful Internet Marketers that this is their method so I’m running with it. I then began going through the list and entering the good looking keywords into Market Samurai and looked at the SEO Competition.

None of the top ten Google results has above 400 page backlinks and only 3 of them have any PageRank whatsoever (2xPR4’s and 1xPR3). Another good sign is that only the top result has optimized their Title, URL, Description and Head with this keyword (they are the PR3 and they ONLY have 24 backlinks to the page that is ranking). I firmly believe that I’ll be able to win the first position for this term if I put the necessary work into it.

I finally found one that looks promising: “indestructible dog toys”. Once I found my keyword I looked at the commercial intent and it was .96, another good sign. There are many pet toys on Amazon so I feel like I’ll be able to have sub-pages for many of these products and the main page will be a good 500+ word article about the need for these toys.

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  1. Prasad says:

    Can u update on this? Means where is ur site on google now. thanks

    • Sarah says:

      Prasad – Not sure if Richard is checking this anymore, since it’s been a few months. I’ll let him know that there’s a comment on his page, but can’t guarantee he’ll get back to you.

      If you have any other questions, let me know how I can help!

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