Richard Schmidt – 3/19 CMC Update

As I mentioned in my previous update, my affiliate marketing website is centered around dog toys. This week I focused on adding WordPress along with its plugins and adjusting some of the settings involved with the use of these plugins. I already had a host so I simply had to purchase a domain from GoDaddy and add it to my webhost. I decided to go with the domain

I have decided to experiment with a paid WordPress theme called Penthesilea. It’s specifically designed to be used with Amazon Affiliate websites and it comes with several different “flavours” (what they call themes) for easier customization of your site. I chose a flavour called “Blue Sky” which as it’s name implies, is blue. The reason I chose the color blue for my WordPress theme is because I’ve read on multiple resources (such as the Adsense 100k Blueprint) that it has the highest click-through-rate which is the amount of people clicking on advertisements.

I will admit that my site is not the prettiest looking of the group, but if you’re going for clicks on advertisements its actually more often than not a better idea to have an ugly website where visitors want to click to leave it than to have an attractive website where visitors feel comfortable to stay. I also added Contact, Privacy Policy and a simple About page to the website. This is very easy with the theme that I am using because they have a template basically built in for you to use. As for the plugins that I am using:

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer: Automatically changes any Amazon link to my affiliate ID.
Auto Subscribe RSS Feed: Prompts subscription message when a visitor makes a comment on my website.
Comment Reply Notification: When a user leaves a comment they receive an email once I reply.
FD Feedburner Plugin: Redirects my feeds to Feedburner.
Google Analytics: For visitor tracking.
Google XML Sitemaps: For better search engine crawling.
Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin: Great plugin that requires commenters to click a checkbox to comment. Actual visitors see it, spam bots do not.
nrelate Related Content: Shows similar posts at the end of the post a visitor is reading.
Pretty Link: Absolutely necessary if you are going to start an affiliate site. It turns a link like to something like
SEO Friendly Images: Adds alt and title attributes to my images.
SEOPressor UNLIMITED: I like this plugin for the simple fact that it allows me to see what my keyword density is and ensure that I had header tags to my posts. It will also bold, italicize, and underline my keyword in my posts for better SEO.
SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2: Anytime someone visits my website from a search engine a post tag is added to the page they visit. Increases search terms for the website.
Wordpress Database Backup: Another essential plugin. Will save and email database backups of your website incase something goes wrong.
WP Reduces image file sizes and allows faster loading.

(Sorry about the long list of plugins, but they really do allow you to control certain aspects of your site much easier.)

I also began outsourcing content creation for my website this week. The key to this in my opinion is finding one great writer (a challenge in itself) and having them write ALL of the content for the website. Otherwise it will be very difficult to capture the same writing style and if they use some personal stories you could create inconsistency between the writers. Luckily I have found a great writer who is fairly quick about returning articles for me.

Lastly, I want to talk a little bit about the way I am affiliating the website. I’ve added an Amazon Carousel plugin at the top of the page with 8 products that I mention in my articles. I’ve also added Amazon Widget product links from the articles on the website and I have begun integrating text links to the products as well. At some point I expect to experiment with using the widgets on the articles (which I feel don’t look particularly great) and then trying simple text links instead to see if I notice a difference in conversions. The final affiliate product I am promoting is from ClickBank and it is a Dog Training ebook that I have in my sidebar. I finally customized it on the page (thanks to Sarah and Jon on the forum) and have it looking a lot better. I’m interested to see if it will convert as well.

This week I will be continuing to add content to the website and maybe a few other things if I can find the time.

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