Sarah Russell – 3/19 CMC Update

Sarah Russell – 3/19 CMC Update

Now that my keyword research is out of the way and I have a plan of attack for developing my affiliate marketing minisite, I’m happy to be on to the fun part of building my website!

As I mentioned last week, I’ll be staying in the scrapbooking niche and working on building www. simplescrapbookingideas. com.

This week, I installed WordPress, added the “Earthly Touch” theme by ElegantThemes and started dripping in some content and banner advertisements.  For more details on everything that I did this week, check out my detailed video post:

If you weren’t able to view the video, here are some of the highlights:

1. I’ve added the main content pages I feel that any site should have from both a user standpoint and for SEO – About, Contact, Privacy Policy & Terms.

2. I’ve added four content articles throughout the week and have six more that will be dripping in over the next week.

3. I’ve started to monetize with Amazon banners, but will be expanding this significantly in future weeks.  Some of the things I’ll be testing include the type of Amazon widget and the specific products featured, different ad placements in both single post pages and the sidebar and different types of products entirely (Amazon, Clickbank, etc).

So far, I’ve only run into a few small challenges, but I’m confident they’ll be resolved soon.  For example, I’m currently working with ElegantThemes‘ support forum to address the double image display that’s occurring on the posts.

This coming week, we’re focusing on adding content.  Although I have a few articles set to drip in, I’ll probably take this time to add some other types of content – maybe Youtube videos or other instructional content – to the site.  I’ll also work on continuing to refine elements of the design, like the color of the top page nav bar or the specific widgets being used in the sidebar.

As with any website, it seems like there’s always something to do!

Any questions about what I’ve done so far or what I plan to do in the next week?  Ask them below!

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