Sarah Russell – 4/16 CMC Update

Sarah Russell – 4/16 CMC Update

(Sorry – my mic was misbehaving so the audio quality’s kind of weird…)

Wow – can’t believe we’re six weeks into this thing already!  Time sure flies when you’re having fun… 🙂

Anyways, my apologies again for last week.  I really appreciate the encouragement and support you all gave me, and I’m happy to report that this past week was just as productive as I’d hoped it would be!

So, the Week 6 topics we covered as CMC participants were advanced promotional techniques, including video marketing, podcasting and so on.  Unfortunately, since I was still behind on my tasks from the two weeks before, I wasn’t able to implement any of these (although I’m not sure podcasting will be effective for my target market anyways…).

Instead, I focused on two things – 1) continuing to add new content to my niche site, and 2) implementing the promotional methods discussed in the last two weeks of the Challenge.

First, on the content side, I found some great PLR scrapbooking tutorials, which I re-wrote and added to my site.  The first three have dripped on to the site and the fourth will be coming up in the next few days.  After that, I’m hoping to add some video tutorials.  Whether those are my own creations, something I outsource or even other people’s content pulled from Youtube hasn’t been decided yet – it’ll probably depend on how much time I have!

On the promotional side of things, I’ve been keeping up with my blog and forum commenting, and this week I started to add some article and Web 2.0 marketing.  I put together one article, spun it by hand and then submitted the revisions to two article directories and five Web 2.0 sites, all with links pointing back to my site (and sometimes to my other Web 2.0 sites).  I also submitted the original article to BuildMyRank and am in the process of submitting my links to social bookmarking sites to get a little extra link juice.

This coming week, I’m hoping to add an email autoresponder with a seven-part follow-up course, as well as write another article and spin it to different sources.  I’ll keep you posted!

Any questions?  Ask them below!

3 Responses to Sarah Russell – 4/16 CMC Update

  1. Jon says:

    Great screencast, Sarah. Thanks.

    You’re going the extra mile with autoresponder and all. Your site is becoming a resource destination rather than a simple click-through system. Nice.

    Do you believe having the option for the autoresponder will distract visitors from clicking through to Amazon?

    Any thoughts on the affiliate marketing purists who believe the site should focus on just one thing: getting the click (or just getting the opt-in)?

    • Sarah says:

      Jon – If I were planning to do this as a straight affiliate website, then yeah, I’d probably avoid the email list.

      My original goal for the site was to turn it into a community site and monetize through affiliate products and my own info product. In that case, having an email list would allow me to pitch either multiple products or the same product on a few occasions to overcome objections if I decide to price it higher.

      We’ll see though. The auto-responder is up in the air until I figure out how in-depth I want to get with this niche and this site.

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