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Hey there, and welcome to Common Sense Marketing!  My goal with this site is to help you build your own ethical internet business, so that you can enjoy the security and benefits that come from earning extra income online.  Let’s get started!

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Step #1 – Find out what ethical marketing is and why it’s so important.  Online businesses don’t need to scam people in order to be successful.  Learn more about my ethical business philosophy by reading the following two posts:

What Is Ethical Marketing?
Why Do Internet Business Ethics Matter?
Ethics Applied – Scammy Sarah Learns a Lesson


Step #2 – Decide what kind of internet business is best for you.  Visit my Resources page to download my free “Guide to Internet Business Models“.  This guide will help you determine what type of internet business will be best for you, based on your own unique skills and experiences.

**Please Note – Most of the content on Common Sense Marketing is based around affiliate marketing and freelance writing, as these are the two business models that I use.  For more information on how to get started with either of these types of businesses, check out the following posts:

Affiliate  Marketing:

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing
The First Three Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You’ll Make (And How to Avoid Them)
Case Study 2 – Community Marketing Challenge

Freelance Writing:

How to Start an Article Writing Service
15 Ways to Get Paid to Write


Step #3 – Check out some of the most popular posts on the site and share your own comments.  The following posts are the most viewed and most commented on posts on the site.  Hope you like them!

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How to Generate Traffic With Blog Commenting
Do Domain Name Extensions Matter?
Why I Hate the Four Hour Work Week


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